Trading is simple, offer me dice in marked "Want". I'll trade away any marked "Extra". The trade point number is the amount the die is worth to me. Note that this amount is the same basis as the other dice trade points.

Cities of Doom

Dice TypeTradeTrade points# in setColor TypeDie ColorInk ColorSizeSide 1Side 2Side 3Side 4Side 5Side 6
CharacterExtra 641OpaqueRedBlack22mmUntrained DwarfUntrained ElfUntrained HumanTrained DwarfTrained ElfTrained Human
WeaponExtra 422OpaqueRedBlack18mmSwordAxeBowUpgraded SwordUpgraded AxeUpgraded Bow
SiteExtra 541OpaqueMarine BlueBlack22mmTown (1)Village (1)Castle (2)Keep (2)Tower (2)Encampment (3)
Landscape 1Extra 541OpaqueSage GreenBlack18mmSwamp (2)Plains (1)Mountains (3)Forest (2)Doom LandsDoom Lands
Landscape 2Extra 541OpaqueSage GreenBlack18mmSwamp (2)Plains (1)Mountains (3)Mixed (2)Doom LandsDoom Lands
Standard ActionExtra 66111OpaqueWhiteBlack18mmBurning DieMagicProvisionsDiscoveryWeaponryMonster
Rune-stealer ActionExtra 1222OpaqueIvoryBlack18mmBurning DieMagicMonsterDiscoveryRune-stealerRune-stealer
Ring ActionExtra 641OpaqueWhiteBlack18mmBurning DieMagicDiscoveryMonsterWhite TreeRing
MonsterExtra 641OpaqueGreyBlack22mmWolf (1)Lesser Troll (1)Spider (2)Great Goblin (5)Goblin (4)River Goblin (4)
MagicExtra 541PearledGoldBlack22mmBoth Weapons = 4Magic = 5One Weapon DoubledBoth Weapons = 3One Weapon = 4Magic = 4
CombatExtra 2815OpaqueRedWhite16mmBurning SkullSwordAxeBowMagicWhite Tree
Rune dieN/A12OpaqueCreamRed16mmRune 1Rune 2Rune 3Rune 4Rune 5Rune 6
Use positive numbers to get dice. Use negative numbers to give dice to me.