Trading is simple, offer me dice in marked "Want". I'll trade away any marked "Extra". The trade point number is the amount the die is worth to me. Note that this amount is the same basis as the other dice trade points.

Unplayable Misprints, Special Action, 18mm, Opaque

TradeTrade pointsDie ColorInk ColorSide 1Side 2Side 3Side 4Side 5Side 6
N/A10GreenBlackWhite TreeSafe SwampForest (2)Burning DieProvisionsDiscovery
N/A10BlueBlackMonsterPlains (1)Mountains (3)Burning DieProvisionsDiscovery
N/A10BlueBlackMonsterSafe SwampForest (2)Burning DieProvisionsDiscovery
N/A10OrangeBlackMagicSafe PlainsForest (2)Burning DieProvisionsDiscovery
N/A10OrangeBlackMagicPlains (1)Mountains (3)Burning DieProvisionsDiscovery
Extra 110YellowBlackRingSafe SwampForest (2)Burning DieProvisionsDiscovery
N/A10YellowBlackRingPlains (1)Mountains (3)Burning DieProvisionsDiscovery
Use positive numbers to get dice. Use negative numbers to give dice to me.