ID ID: Counts as four points of whatever the owning army is rolling for. If the owner is rolling for magic, any color matching a color in the terrain may be doubled. Any color of non-racial spells may be cast.

Save Save: Counts as four save points.

Bash Bash: During a save roll, Bash generates four saves results. During a save roll against a melee attack, choose a unit in the attacking army that generated normal melee results. Bash immediately reflects that melee result back upon the target unit, which must generate a save against its own damage. During a dragon attack, Bash immediately reflects one dragonís normal damage back upon itself. Note: The army rolling Bash does not suffer any damage that is reflected.

Fly Fly: During any roll, Fly generates four maneuver or four save results.

Sneak Attack Sneak Attack: During a missile or magic action, immediately kill up to four health-worth of opposing units in any army, with no save possible. The owner of the Dragonlord, Dragonmaster, Dragonslayer or Dragonhunter selects the target army; the target armyís owner selects the unit(s) killed. Any Dragonkin selected as casualties are buried. During a melee attack or a dragon attack, Sneak Attack generates four melee results.

SFR (Dragoncrusader) SFR (Dragoncrusader): Before the dragons attacks the army containing this unit, immediately roll this unit; if and only if this icon is rolled then one dragon is controlled for this battle only. The controlled dragon can either be held motionless (do not roll it) and the army can still attack the dragon. Or the controlled dragon can be rolled, adding the dragonís damage to the armyís melee damage. Any breaths from the controlled dragon are directed toward another dragon (acting playerís choice). During a save roll against an individual-targeting effect, the SFR logo counts as four saves.