Dragonslayer (SFR gold ink)

ID ID: Counts as four points of whatever the owning army is rolling for. If the owner is rolling for magic, any color matching a color in the terrain may be doubled. Any color of non-racial spells may be cast.

Counter Counter: During a melee attack, Counter generates four melee results. During a save roll, Counter generates four save results. During a save roll in a melee attack, Counter immediately generates both four save results and four melee results upon the attacking army or unit. Only magical saves protect against this damage. During a dragon attack, Counter generates four save and four melee results.

Save Save: Counts as four save points.

Smite Smite: During a melee attack, Smite immediately inflicts four points of damage on the defending army or unit; no saves (including those provided by spells) can stop this damage. During a dragon attack or melee avoidance roll, Smite generates four melee results

Sneak Attack Sneak Attack: During a missile or magic action, immediately kill up to four health-worth of opposing units in any army, with no save possible. The owner of the Dragonlord, Dragonmaster, Dragonslayer or Dragonhunter selects the target army; the target army’s owner selects the unit(s) killed. Any Dragonkin selected as casualties are buried. During a melee attack or a dragon attack, Sneak Attack generates four melee results.

SFR (Dragonslayer) SFR (Dragonslayer): Before a dragon attacks the army containing this unit, immediately roll this unit; if and only if this icon is rolled then one attacking dragon is instantly slain. During a save roll against an individual-targeting effect, the SFR logo counts as four saves.