Trading is simple, offer me dice in marked "Want". I'll trade away any marked "Extra". The trade point number is the amount the die is worth to me. Note that this amount is the same basis as the other dice trade points.

Wilds of Doom

Dice TypeTradeTrade points# in setColor TypeDie ColorInk ColorSidesSizeSide 1Side 2Side 3Side 4Side 5Side 6Side 7Side 8Side 9Side 10Side 11Side 12
HealingExtra 541OpaqueBlueWhite622mmHeal 1Heal 1Heal 2Heal 2Heal 2Heal 3      
EagleExtra 1523OpaqueBlueBlack618mmEagleblankblankEagleblankblank      
Encounter GenerationExtra 541OpaqueGrey Black622mmSpecial EncounterMajor EncounterChoice of EncounterSpecial EncounterMajor EncounterChoice of Encounter      
Special EncounterExtra 241OpaqueGrey Red1222mmMonsterMonsterMonsterSwordAxeBowWeapon CheckWeapon CheckMonster Blocking 5Monster Blocking 5Monster Blocking 6Monster Blocking 7
Major EncounterExtra 441OpaqueGreyBlue1022mmWeapon CheckMassed Creature AttackMassed Creature AttackMassed Creature AttackMassed Creature AttackGreat Troll Action 5Great Troll Action 5Great Troll Action 6Great Troll Action 6Great Troll Action 7  
Massed CreaturesExtra 3417OpaqueGreyBlack618mmWolves (1)Wolves (1)Trolls (2)Trolls (2)Goblins (3)Spider (3)      
Great-trollExtra 541OpaqueGreyBlack622mmTroll with Sword (2)Troll with Axe (2)Troll with Bow (2)Troll with Sword (3)Troll with Axe (3)Troll with Bow (3)      
Monster CombatExtra 3217OpaqueBlackWhite616mmBurning SkullBurning SkullSpiderMonster SwordMonster AxeMonster Bow      
Expert CombatExtra 1623OpaqueRedGold616mmBurning DieBurning DieBurning DieSwordAxeBow      
Improvised WeaponExtra 641PearledRedBlack618mmBurning DieBurning DieMaceSpearCrossbowTorch      
Use positive numbers to get dice. Use negative numbers to give dice to me.