ID ID: Counts as four points of whatever the owning army is rolling for.

Counter Counter: During a save roll against a melee attack, Counter generates four save results and inflicts four damage upon the attacking army. Only save results generated by spells may reduce this damage. During any other save roll, Counter generates four save results. During a melee attack, Counter generates four melee results. During a dragon attack, Counter generates four save and four melee results.

Save Save: Counts as four save points.

Smite Smite: During a melee attack, Smite inflicts four points of damage to the defending army with no save possible. During a dragon attack, Smite generates four melee results.

Sneak Attack Sneak Attack: During a missile attack or magic action, Sneak Attack inflicts four damage on an opposing army at this terrain with no save possible. Dragonkin killed by this damage are buried. During a melee or dragon attack, Sneak Attack generates four melee results.

SFR (Dragonhunter) SFR (Dragonhunter): If the Dragonhunter matches a color of the dragon, and during the dragon attack phase, when rolling an army’s response to a dragon(s) attack, a Dragonhunter that rolls this SAI may slay a single dragon that attacked their army this turn. Any non-breath damage that dragon rolled during this dragon attack is ignored. A slain dragon is not returned to its owner’s Summoning Pool, but is instead removed from the game entirely. No units are promoted when a dragon is slain. During any roll, the SFR logo counts as a two point ID icon. During a save roll against an individual-targeting effect, the SFR logo counts as four saves.