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These are the Harry Potter™ Dicers™ that I have for trade or sale.
Trading is simple, offer me Dicers™ marked with "Want". I'll trade away any marked "Extra". Send a message if you want to trade.

What are Harry Potter™ Dicers™? Here's the description from Mattel:
DICERS™ STARTER SET: The Dicers™ Starter Set features all of the excitement of a game plus the fun of collecting favorite characters from the world of Harry Potter™. Each player starts with three dice and selects one to challenge his opponent. The value on the die determines how many times it can be thrown, and the winner can invoke the power on the dice. There are three starter sets and refills will be introduced throughout the year. Each starter set comes with six dice and instructions. Kids will want to collect them all!

There are two different starters out. The original starter includes the first 6 dice listed, Malfoy, Hagrid™, Harry Potter™ (standing with wand), Hermione, Snape™, and Sorting Hat™. There is a second starter out. It includes the 6 dice #19 thru 24, which are, Fred & George, Harry Potter™ #2 (playing Quidditch™), McGonagall, Nimbus 2000™, Oliver Wood, and Golden Snitch™. All the rest are available in individual blister packs. Note that at the present time, only the first 36 have been released.

#NameNumberCasting BonusColorAlliancepower
1MalfoyExtra 13RedSlytherinCast Spell
2Hagrid™Extra 13BlueCreaturesSwap
3Harry Potter™ #1(standing with wand)Extra 13RedGryffindorCapture
4HermioneExtra 12RedGryffindorCast Spell
5Snape™Extra 13BlueSlytherinGreater Expel
6Sorting Hat™Extra 12PurpleMagical ObjectsSummon
7CrabbeN/A2RedSlytherinAdd 2
8Dumbledore™N/A3BlueWizardsSummon (Wizard Allies)
11GoyleN/A2RedSlytherinExtra Roll
12Hedwig™N/A2GreenCreaturesActive Reserve
13Mirror of Erised™N/A2PurpleMagical ObjectsMimic
14TrollN/A3GreenCreaturesCapture (Red Students only)
15NorbertN/A3GreenCreaturesCapture (x2)
16QuirrellN/A3BlueDark ArtsReverse
17Ron #1N/A2RedGryffindorGreater Expel (Creature Alliance only)
18Sorcerer's Stone™N/A2PurpleMagical ObjectsSummon (All)
19Fred & GeorgeN/A3RedGryffindorGreater Expel (x2)
20Harry Potter™ #2 (playing Quidditch™)N/A3RedGryffindorCast Spell
21McGonagallN/A3BlueWizardsCast Spell
22Nimbus 2000™N/A3PurpleMagical ObjectsCounter Capture
23Oliver WoodN/A2RedGryffindorSummon
24Golden Snitch™N/A2PurpleMagical ObjectsCapture
26BludgerN/A3PurpleMagical ObjectsRetire
27Dobby™N/A2GreenCreaturesFirst Cast
29Flying CarN/A3PurpleMagical ObjectsEscape
30Garden GnomeN/A2GreenCreaturesSwap
32Mrs. NorrisN/A2GreenCreaturesSpy
33Polyjuice Potion™N/A2PurpleMagical ObjectsMimic
34Scabbers™N/A3GreenGryffindorForce Roll
35Voldemort™N/A1BlueDark ArtsGreater Expel (All)
36Whomping Willow™N/A3GreenCreaturesGreater Expel
37Cornish PixiesNot Released?Green??
38FilchNot Released?Blue??
39Harry Potter™ #3Not Released?Red??
40LockhartNot Released?Blue??
41SproutNot Released?Blue??
42Ron #2Not Released?Red??
43BasiliskNot Released?Green??
44Neville LongbottomNot Released?Red??
45Nearly Headless Nick™Not Released?Yellow??
46Bloody BaronNot Released?Yellow??
47Floo Powder™Not Released?Purple??
48Gryffindor's SwordNot Released?Purple??
49Lucius MalfoyNot Released?Blue??
50Madam PomfreyNot Released?Blue??
51Moaning Myrtle™Not Released?Yellow??
52Mr. WeasleyNot Released?Blue??
53Riddle's DiaryNot Released?Purple??
54Tom Riddle™Not Released?Blue??

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