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In Cities of Doom (COD), you play a character who is questing in the lands of Doom. As you travel from place to place you will be competing with your opponent as you try to become the first to gather the six tablets required to summon the lost Book of Ulingit.

Cities of Doom is just your starting point for adventuring in the lands of Doom. Your playing experience can be enhanced by expansion products, including: the Wilds of Doom and Doom Cubes.

The Wilds of Doom (WOD) is a boxed set of supplemental dice. In order to play, each player must have a copy of Cities of Doom (COD), but only one copy of Wilds of Doom is needed.

Each pack of Doom Cubes contains eight dice randomly selected from a set of over a hundred different dice: random action dice, special fighting dice, etc.

Each player may expand his pool of Dicemaster dice; however, in any given game each player may only use up to a fixed number of these dice. Which dice you choose to use becomes an important element of the game.

Flavor text from the rules book

Ulingit is the westernmost of the so-called "Night Continents." Situated due cast of the "known world," it is a vast, thinly-settled region. Very little of the continent is documented in reliable sources, which often treat the area as a wild, primitive archipelago.

Ulingit is in essence a continent-sized volcanic basin. It is a gigantic caldera with a circular rim that forms a steep, ring-shaped mountain chain. Outside the rim, mild coastal breezes foster a pleasant, inviting environment. Inside the rim, life is quite a bit harsher. Atop the high rim, fierce winds, biting snows, and rugged cliffs claim all but the hardiest of creatures. Within the rim, an unfathomably vast array of maze-like passages wind their way beneath and around the Nightlands. This vast central basin is known in local literature as the "Firefields," an area ruled by the awful creatures of the Moving Claims.

A group of lost explorers led by Wim Pyto recently came to Ulingit and quickly recognized the dangers offered by the Firefields. There they encountered nothing but a host of bizarre lairs and savage, unspeakable beasts. Turning their search to the coastal reaches of the Ulingit mainland, outside the Rings of Mist, adventurers found evidence of an ancient civilization, but very few people. Scattered, warlike, and uncivilized, the resident population lived in a few crumbling towns scattered across an otherwise untamed land. Ruined citadels and cities stood in testimony to the countless wars that claimed their once-proud domains: the storied "Six Lands." Other signs of their rich and magical handiwork were lost or abandoned.

Chief among the lost artifacts were six small tablets. Each bore a different rune. These magical runes symbolized the Six Lands and, together, could supposedly summon the lost Book of Ulingit. It is said the great book could give the wielder control of the elements and enough power to resurrect and reunite the Six Lands.

Legends tie the finding of the Six Tablets to clues born out of an age-old Ulingu dice game. The adventurers tried their hand at the ancient challenge, only to discover that the key to the rune-stones and the Book of Ulingit rested along the great highway that once circled the Rings of Mist. This road connected the great capitals of the Six Lands... places locals refer to as the "Cities of Doom."

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