ID(kin) ID(kin): Counts as four points of saves, maneuvers, or melee hits, whatever the owning army is rolling for. Unlike a normal ID, it cannot be used for magic points or missile hits.

Belly Belly: During any roll, the Dragonkin unit loses its four automatic saves.

Fly Fly: During any roll, Fly generates four maneuver or four save results.

Dragonkin Breath (Champion) Dragonkin Breath (Champion): During a melee attack, attacking player chooses four health-worth of units in the defending army to be killed with no save possible.

Trample Trample: During any roll, Trample generates four maneuver and four melee results.

SFR (Dragonkin Champion) SFR (Dragonkin Champion): During a melee attack, you may move a summoned dragon that contains the same color as this Dragonkin Champion from one terrain to another. During a save roll against an individual-targeting effect, the SFR/TSR logo counts as four saves.