ID(kin) ID(kin): Counts as four points of saves, maneuvers, or melee hits, whatever the owning army is rolling for. Unlike a normal ID, it cannot be used for magic points or missile hits.

Belly Belly: During any roll, the Dragonkin unit loses its four automatic saves.

Rend Rend: During a melee or dragon attack, Rend generates four melee results. Roll this unit again and apply the new result as well. During a maneuver roll, Rend generates four maneuver results.

Dragonkin Breath (Champion) Dragonkin Breath (Champion): During a melee attack, attacking player chooses four health-worth of units in the defending army to be killed with no save possible.

Counter Counter: During a save roll against a melee attack, Counter generates four save results and inflicts four damage upon the attacking army. Only save results generated by spells may reduce this damage. During any other save roll, Counter generates four save results. During a melee attack, Counter generates four melee results. During a dragon attack, Counter generates four save and four melee results.

SFR (Dragonkin Champion) SFR (Dragonkin Champion): During a melee attack, you may move a summoned dragon that contains the same color as this Dragonkin Champion from one terrain to another. During a save roll against an individual-targeting effect, the SFR/TSR logo counts as four saves.