The Virtual Table Roll Analyzer

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Example 1: A Maneuver Roll

When you're playing Dragon Dice with real dice and you need to figure out the results of a roll, you generally arrange the dice into groups and then count the icons. In the DDASSIST Game Simulator, you can do the same thing using the Virtual Tabletop.

table 1

The Virtual Tabletop contains a grid of dice, an icon hint panel, and a spell list panel. As in the army grid on the main simulator page, the icon hint panel describes the icon on the visible face of the currently- selected die and the spell list panel describes the spells, effects, and racial abilities active for the currently-selected die. In the example above, the selected die is a Dwarf Pony Rider with one hoof showing. The icon hint panel at the upper left describes the hoof icon's effect (one movement point) and the spell list below it notes that since this is a dwarf on highland terrain, the maneuvers are doubled. In addition, there is a Wind Walk spell on the entire army.

Another thing to note is that instead of three lines of text, each die cell contains a fourth line listing a number of points. You will be able to double, halve, and otherwise modify the number of points for each die in order to account for spells and effects. The title of each column except the first contains the total of all the column's points.

The particular roll in the example above was a maneuver roll. To compute the total maneuvers, we start by moving all the dice with maneuver results from the first column to the second. To move the dice, we first mark them. You can do this by double-clicking with the mouse on each of the dice you want to move, or you can use the arrow keys to move through the column and mark the dice by pressing the space bar. The marked dice are outlined in red, as shown below.

table 2

Once you've marked the dice, you move them by dragging with the mouse and dropping them in the maneuver column. Note that the column title shows a total of 8 maneuver points.

table 3

The next step is to handle the dwarven racial ability. We mark each dwarf in the maneuver column by either double-clicking or using the space bar. (In this case, there's only the one.) The Cells menu can be used to modify all the marked dice. To double the dwarf's maneuvers, we use Cells,Double. This changes the point count from one to two and updates the column header, as shown below.

table 4

Now we have to process the Wind Walk spell. Wind Walk is a bonus spell, so we create a bonus cell for it using the Create,Bonus menu. This brings up a dialog box which allows you to specify the name of the bonus and the amount, as shown below.

table 5

We type in Wind Walk and set the bonus quantity to 6. This creates a bonus cell at the current location in the grid and updates the maneuver total to 15.

table 6

The last step is to close the Virtual Tabletop using the File,Close menu. DDASSIST will ask you if you want to transmit the results to the scratch pad. If you click YES, the maneuver totals will appear in the scratch pad when you return to the main Game Simulator window, as shown below. If you have control of the game, they will also show up in the log.

table 7

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