Windy City Bone Rollers

We get together once a month at Games Plus! to play collectable dice games (mostly Dragon Dice). It's usually the second Saturday of the month. If you're in or near Chicago, stop by to play.

See the Dragon Dice forum for our next game. Note, this has moved to the SFR forums. This is here for historical reasons only. All updates are on the forum link above.

Past Games:

February, 2005

Rule to remember; Never try and walk thru a Wall of Thorns with a Blizzard on your army. It's going to hurt.

January, 2005

One slow game. It was a Path to Victory that won it...

December, 2004

Red and Green. No surprise, lots of Scalders. Surprisingly, quite a few Treefolk. Treefolk and Swampstalkers made for a nasty combination, Mire, and Wall of Thorns.

November, 2004

Getting rid of magic sure makes for quick (and bloody) games. We actually got in 3 games in one night with 5 players!

October, 2004

Lots of Goblins. Everyone wanted that Gold magic...

September, 2004

Single race has it's best benefit in simplicity. Play went fast enough that we got 2 full games in before the end of the night.

August, 2004

100 health monsterfest was a blast. Lots of melee of course. But it sure takes a long time to run, since noone was quite sure about all those weird monster SAIs.

July, 2004

Red, White and Blue format. Well, no surprise there where a lot of Amazons, and Firewalkers. There were also a few Dragonslayers, and Dragonlords. Also not surprising was that a large number of dragons were dropped on armies. Two full games, no tie breakers! Of course it helped in the second game that all home terrains came up at 6, and the frontier was a Highland at 3, with 3 magic armies there.

June, 2004

No surprise for a No Mage format, the first game went by pretty quick. What was surprising was how quick the second game was. With 5 players only 3 of us even got a turn before it was all over! Third game was also surprising, it was won by an all-Undead army.

May, 2004

Battlefest all Death: Wow, we must be getting quicker in our play. We got in two games again. When will you all learn to watch out for the Flood to Victory? Only difference from last month's Flood to Victory win, was the races involved, last month, Treefolk and Feral, this month Goblins and Swampstalkers. Second game got brutal when it became clear that it was going to end with health in play. Fingers of Death started flying, with a few Lightning Strikes thrown in. Really notable was the 5 Summon Dragons in a row from one Dragon Staff.

April, 2004

Battlefest all Nature: Another night with two games. The first one ended with a Flood to Victory. The second ended on time. Lots of Feral and Treefolk, but at least a few of every nature race was in the game.

March, 2004

Having all rares made for a surprisingly short game. We actually had time for two games...

February, 2004

Half-missile. Quite a few Amazons, and Scalders. Game was called on time again...

January, 2004

Tri-racial format. Considering that 4 of 6 terrains came up at 6, this game went a long time. It had to be called on time...

December, 2003

Had a wild 6-player game that went back and forth a few times. Since it was over quickly, we broke up into two 3-player games. Strangely, both games were won with the quick use of dragons. First player got enough magic to drop 3 dragons on both the other two-players. It both games, and with both players, their armies were wiped out. Of course it was very difficult for those 2 players to come back, with the first player at full strength.

November, 2003

Monster madness was the usual wild game of "What's that SAI and what does it do?". Everyone got their own eighth face before a showdown at the last terrain. Funny how powerful a couple of Wind Walks can be with Monsters.

October, 2003

Death only. First game was a three-player game. Even after being nearly wiped out on the first turn, Jim came back for the win! Great job, Jim! Second game was a five player game. Nearly everyone had Goblins, so gold magic was the thing to watch out for. Everyone had an eighth face with time running out. It looked like health in play would be the deciding factor for the win. But with the help of a Swampland Standing Stones, Brad knocked an army off an eighth face with the combination of Transmute Rock to Mud, and Flash Flood. He also Pathed a couple of units over to try and take it. Didn't get it. Watch out for Dracoliches! Now it was blood in the water as each player tried their turn at Transmute Rock to Mud and Path. Rich was the first to do it.

September, 2003

Battlefest. Even with 5 players (welcome back Matt!), we did manage to get in a full game. Armies were the usual strange mixes: Treefolk/Dwarf (about half mage, with the rest a mix of cavalry, light and heavy), Feral/Frostwing/Lava Elf (2/3 of the army all rare mages of equal amounts of Feral, Frostwing and Lava Elf, the rest Feral Cavalry), Frostwing/Coral Elf/Firewalkers (about half mages, the rest a mix of missile and heavy), Treefolk/Amazon (1/3 mage all Treefolk, 1/3 cavalry and heavy Treefolk, 1/3 Amazon Archers (including 2 Medusas)), and Firewalkers/Frostwing (about half mages, half heavies).

August, 2003

No meeting this month.

July, 2003

Single race makes for a pretty fast game. No magestorm dice to worry about, and only 2 colors of magic and one racial.

June, 2003

Tri-racial was a bit slow, but could have just been because it was 60 health. Game got called on time, and Matt won with an eighth face and most health in play.

May, 2003

Potpourri was fun I hear. I couldn't be there, so I don't have details...

April, 2003

The game was surprisingly long for a game with only the first 4 races, no Magestorm, and no monsters or kickers. It was won just before time expired by Pat Pathing about half her army over to the last terrain. Dragons did a lot of damage, even with everyone bringing different color dragons. Coral Elves never had a chance with all the Dwarves casting Earthen Armors. At times all the non-Coral Elves had EA on them!

March, 2003

Monster madness: Usual strange SAIs ruling the game. One strange thing the first game was nearly won by a Spirt Furance! Brad left his 1st 8th face protected by four monsters, and all 20 health of Dragonkin. I got 60 points of black, 8 of gold. Four points short of killing his 4 monsters, and taking the terrain. Brad won this with the rest of his army at the last terrain and taking it from Rich.

February, 2003

Well, the format with half your troops being archers, brought out a few dice that surprised no one. There were a lot of Scalders, Coral Elves, Amazons and Frostwings. True form, most of the missile got shutdown quickly. Many of the rolls where just to count the number of Bullseyes that came up.

January, 2003

Standard 36-health tournament. Nothing too exciting. First game ended with everyone opposing Pat for her second eighth face. She got it anyway. The second game was called on time, with only one player with an eighth face.

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