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Dragon Dice™ is a registered Trademark of SFR, Inc. Dragon Dice Assistant was developed by Automated Reasoning Concepts, which has no affiliation with SFR. For official SFR information about Dragon Dice, you must go to the Dragon Dice Home Page.

Want to Meet Other Dragon Dice Players?

If you live in the Chicago area, come join us at the next monthly meeting of the Windy City Bone-Roller's Guild.

Looking to Trade?

Click here for my Dragon Dice trade list. The dice lists on my trade pages were generated automatically by DDASSIST!

About Dragon Dice Assistant

Dragon Dice Assistant is a Windows 95 application that helps you to design Dragon Dice armies. Each army you design is stored as a file on disk. The program tells you the mean and standard deviation for each of over a dozen different results, including skirmish damage, charge damage, strike back during charge, saves, moves, missile damage, and each color of magic. Each result is reported for all four terrains, plus the reserves and terrain-independent situations. Special racial bonuses are included in the computations. In other words, you can see exactly what an army of Amazons will do on flatland and how much additional gold magic you can expect from goblins in highland. DDASSIST also allows you to maintain a complete and current inventory of all your dice and all your trades in progress. This new version even allows you to play Dragon Dice over the Internet.

How to Get a Free Copy of Dragon Dice Assistant

Thanks to SFR's liberal Online Policy, you can download the entire DDASSIST program and the support files right here on this page. Here's the procedure. PLEASE NOTE: The help file is seriously out of date. I hope to fix this sometime (but not soon)..

  1. CLICK HERE to download DDAssist.ZIP.
  2. Unzip all the files into a single directory.
  3. Double-click on DDASSIST.EXE to start the program.
  4. If everything works, you can delete DDAssist.ZIP!

Click here for some examples of the play by email features

Dragon Dice Assistant was developed using the world's greatest RAD tool: Borland Delphi Developer. This means it needs no special DLLs or OCXs. You just run it!

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